Where To Get Free-Range Chicken and Eggs via NYC!!

The last time we discussed animal welfare and chickens, we discussed the differences and similarities between cage-free/free-range/conventional poultry producers.  It can be overwhelming to trace your eggs and chicken fillets back to their processing facility. If you live in New York State as I do, New York City specifically, it’s not that hard for us to have access to small farms with pretty impressive humane practices.  I would like to take a moment and name a few farms very open to showing their practices by welcoming visitors as well as offering their goods in the city’s farmer’s markets. Please comment on your experiences with them if any.  If there is a high demand, we can create a database that can cover various states.  This site is for everyone so share if you have something to say!

Some awesome farms:

Arcadian Pastures – Sloansville, NY
Amantai Farm – Breinigsville, PA
B&Y Farms – Spencer, NY
Feather Ridge Farm – Elizaville, NY
Fish Kill Farms – Hopewell Junction, NY
The Garden of Spices – Greenwich, NY
Grady’s Farm – Hudson Valley
Grazin’ Angus Acres – Ghent, NY
Hawthorne Valley Farm – Ghent, NY
Knoll Krest Farms – Clinton Corners, NY
Ledge Rock Farm – Medusa, NY
Nectar Hills Farm – Schenevus, NY
Northshire Farms – West Winfield, NY
Quattro’s Game Farm – Pleasant Valley, NY
Raghoo Farms – Fort Plain, NY
Red Heifer Farm – Whitehall, NY
Tamarack Hollow Farm – Burlington, VT
Tello’s Green Farm – Redhook and Coxsackie, New York
Violet Hill Farm – Livingston Manor, NY
Wildcraft Farms – Swan Lake, NY

If you don’t see one here that you know provides free-range poultry and eggs, let us know.  Just because you don’t see it here doesn’t mean it doesn’t belong.  We all (including you) decide for ourselves what we stand behind and share the knowledge when we can.


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