buythelabel is food blog by a group of Hunter College students concerned about the labeling on ostensibly healthy and ecologically friendly foods. Labels such as “organic”, “all natural” or “free range” are either unregulated or much more vaguely regulated than we think they ought to be. We aim to educate the eco-conscious consumer about the products they are buying and what they can do to become better consumers. We will provide reviews on many labeled products as well as provide information on finding the best product for the consumer’s dollar.

We invite your comments and discussion to make this a cooperative effort!


3 responses to “About

  1. woaw a bunch of college students who don’t even need big corpo dollars to fall into their traps! and who based their studies on governmental docu? good news for you, you’ll probably get a job in big corpo marketing, at least your brain has already been washed!

    • What is the issue? If you can articulate what it is that seems to be contradictory to the purpose of the site, maybe we can address it for you.

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